All Aboard for Favorite Train Sights in KC

When I got my Master’s Degree in Music I never dreamed I’d be using it to sing hello like a train on a regular basis, and yet that is how many of my days are spent.  And I love it!  I love even more watching the faces light up when I throw “chugging hello” out as a suggestion instead of say “stomping hello” or “twirling hello.”  So, I thought it only fitting that I write down for my train loving friends a few of our favorite train sights around KC.

  • The Model Railroad Experience at Union Station – So the train enjoyment at Union Station comes in so many ways.  One of our favorites is to go to the back of the Sprint Festival Plaza to the Model Railroad Experience.  There you’ll find a huge room full of model trains of various sizes with amazing displays of all kinds running daily.  Oftentimes they even have a Thomas the Train set running!  Best of all, entrance is free with any Union Station exhibit ticket!
  • The KC Rail Experience at Union Station – Admission Adults are $13.50, and children (3-12) are $11.50., This museum is dedicated to the history of Union Station as a working train station during the height of the railroad for passenger travel in the U.S.  While most of the exhibit is not especially kid friendly, there are a few train cars you can climb aboard.
  • Science City and/or the Freight House Bridge at Union Station – Admission to the KC Rail Experience and Science City is a package deal, so if you pay for one you get both.  Science City is a fun place all on its own without much emphasis on trains; however, there is a small observation area behind the “Mr. E Hotel” exhibit that looks down on the train tracks behind Union Station.  This area has become our favorite place to watch the real live trains go by.  An alternative that is free (if a little windy) is to go through the Sprint Festival Plaza to the Freight House Bridge which is a walking bridge connecting Union Station to the Crossroads Art District.  Best of all, it crosses right over the tracks, so you can actually look down into the train cars.  Definitely a cool sight!
  • Midland Railway – This historic railway in Baldwin City hosts a plethora of events throughout the year, our favorite being a Day Out with Thomas, which usually lands in early Summer (late May or early June) and involves a petting zoo, tents with Thomas related activities for kids, and best of all a ride on a real live Thomas the Train!!

Now I have heard there are a few other fun train events or sights around town.  What are your favorites?

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