Tech Tips: Unziping Your Downloads & Burning a CD

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Need to unZIP?  Learn how to unzip or extract files, such as the music, activities, or lyrics downloads from your  Kindermusik@Home units.  Instructions are also included for burning a CD:

  • From your desktop computer click on album link to download.
  • Open the download.
  • Click to Extract or Unzip the file.  (The word EXTRACT or UNZIP may appear toward the top of your screen or may be accessed by a right click.) Most computers come with software to extract files and will know exactly what to do. If your computer does not, you will need to download this free software, 7zip.  Follow the directions on the site. It’s easy.
  • When you click to extract or unzip the album, it will ask you where you want to save it. I usually choose to put it in Libraries/Music. I have folders for each curriculum and under that, folders for each unit. Example: Libraries/Music/KMLaugh&Learn/Carnival of Music
  • To be able to easily transfer my music to my phone, iPad, iPod, or to burn a CD, I copy the audio files into iTunes. It is free to download and easy to use. Just drag or copy/paste the audio files into your music library on iTunes.  (Or if you’ve unzipped a book or activities from class, you can email the .pdf to yourself or use DropBox to move it to your tablet or smartphone.)
  • Create a playlist in iTunes.  Click on File (top left corner), select New Playlist. It will create a place for you to give your playlist a name, such as the name of the album.
  • Drag the new tracks from the music library into your playlist.
  • To burn a CD, click on the same file tab (top left corner), and select Burn playlist to disc.

This takes me about 10 minutes to do, from download to burned CD! – Written and Shared by the IT folks at Kindermusik International

UPDATE 8/9/2013 – We have heard through the grapevine that there’s a free WinZip you can download to unZip files directly on your iPad or iPhone.  We can’t attest to whether or not it works, but we thought we’d share in case it is helpful.

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