We Love You!

A few weeks ago as classes started we started publicizing a “We Love Kindermusik” promotion.  We ran contests.  We had giveaways.  We had a host of sweet notes and thoughts show up in our inboxes and on our Facebook wall.  I was so touched by so many of the lovely things you guys shared, but the truth is…we didn’t tell you the most important part.  While we are thrilled you all love Kindermusik, I hope you know how very much we love you.  Here’s what I love about the parents and kids I work with each week:

I love the wiggles and the wandering.  I really do.

I love the way those faces light up as I move around the circle to sing hello to each child, that look of “It’s my turn!”

I love toddlerese, even when I require a Mom interpreter.

I love the older toddlers and preschoolers who have a million stories to tell me right in the middle of class that have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

I love when Princess Aurora and Spunky the Alien and dogs who moo come to visit me at class.  (I also love being asked to be “Prince Phillip.”)

I love hugs at the end of class.

I love regular requests to hear the “choo-choo train” again even when it’s supposed to be the week we listen to car sounds.

I love all the amazing creative ideas you and your kids have – choo-choo train sandblocks, homemade ukuleles, giving kisses hello.

I love seeing parents who are obviously in love with their kiddos and invested in helping them learn and grow and make memories together.

I love the “presents” of leaves, crafts, coloring pages, and notes that come to class.

I love hearing children count 1…2…8…9…10.

I love watching first words, first signs, first steps.

I love the laughter.

And most of all I love the way you all love and support one another.  You are amazing.  You are amazing parents – kind, nurturing, teachers.  You (and your kiddos) are amazing people – creative, smart, fun.  And you are an amazing community.  So…Happy Valentine’s Week, from the bottom of my heart.

With much love –

Miss Joy

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