Thanksgiving Road Trip – Kindermusik Style

by WishUponACupcake via Creative Commons License/Flickr

Don’t Forget!

There will be no classes the entire week of Thanksgiving, November 21-26.

But just because we’re closed doesn’t mean you can’t take Kindermusik on the Road.  We’ve got some perfect ideas for filling the long hours for a trip to Grandma’s.  You’d be amazed how much time a Kindermusik CD or two and a few of your favorite activities can fill.


  • Load up your CD player or iPod/MP3 Player with Kindermusik Favorites.
  • Give every activity a try. You might be surprised at which ones appeal on the road. I know I was shocked to find out that those same “Warm-Up Exercises” from the Village class I couldn’t ever get my little guys to sit still for brought peals of laughter when they were restrained in a carseat!
  • Don’t be afraid to shout out a little Kindermusik in the airport. People love it, and anyone would much rather see a singing, giggling child than one who is whining or fussing. (Yes, I have been known to break into actual Kindermusik dances while waiting to board a plane. Anything to keep a crying child soothed. Plus, it worked.)
  • Remember, everyone gets tired of sitting too long, and adapted fingerplays and movement activities are great for getting the blood flowing as well as raising everyone’s spirits.  If you’re in Village, think about trying the “Pig Jig” chant or “Toodala”.  Kids from Our Time might get a kick out of “Johnny & Katie”, “The Frog in the Bog” or “All By Myself”.  Imagine That! kids might love “Three Blue Pigeons” (as a fingerplay) or even making up silly words with the song “Allee Galloo.”  Even circle songs like “All the Day Long” or “Ha, Ha, This A-Way” can be done in the car or on a plane, though it sometimes means stomping into thin air.
  • Last but not least, use your favorite lullabies to help soothe your little one to sleep.

With a few songs from class you can turn a long day on the road into a time to build memories and make connections you’ll share together forever.

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