Leaves and Tickles for Lunch

photo by simonnjulia used by Creative Commons license via Flickr

I was quietly reading my new book when I was attacked.  A handful of leaves was suddenly thrust in my face followed by tons of giggles.  Up goes the book.  Up comes tired mom, and I’m off for a leaf-throwing tickle-fest with my three year old.  It was utterly unproductive in the midst of what needed to be a productive day.  It was utterly unplanned in a week full of dates and clocks and schedules.  And it was exactly what we both needed.  Tickles and leaves postponed our lunch as we soaked up the sun.  It was perfect.  And I thought, “Wow.  I should find a way to do this everyday.”

I’ve read a lot of parenting books emphasizing the importance of giving your child presence in an activity.  Taking time to spend a moment together with your child when they have 100% of your attention can greatly improve behavior, aid in development, enhance that all important bonding.  But the truth is, it just feels good. Somehow to me it always feels like one of those moments when time stands still because you’re absolutely head over heels in love with the little person in your life. Who doesn’t love that feeling?  So, I made a decision today to find a way to make space for these moments every day.  I know it will happen when I carve out some time to do a little bit of nothing together.  No agenda.  No aims to get in as much good for your brain activities as possible.  No distractions like phones or the internet or the TV.  No demands for a snack or a nap.  Just a few minutes to just be 100% together.

How ’bout it?  Got a minute to try it now.  I know that’s where I’m headed.  See you after my next leaf fight.

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