Playing with Songs

“Sing, sing a song.”  –  The Carpenters (or the Muppets/Sesame Street depending on your recollection)

Research shows that focusing on singing can be good for both cognitive development (abstract conceptual thinking, verbal abilities, originality) and motor development (particularly coordination).  In fact, singing, which some say starts from the earliest stages of life, evolves through several developmental stages:  first babbling, then repeating words and fragments, and finally adding rhythmic features and pitches.  However, while matching pitches can start as early as 9 months, don’t expect your youngster to sing complete songs in tune for quite some time.  Kiddos who have regular opportunities to sing do however learn to sing in tune long before their peers (some of whom never completely grasp this skill) often solidifying this skill by early grade school.

So what can you do?

Encourage Baby to sing by singing to and with her!  Try all your favorite tunes from childhood or your Kindemusik class. Or make up your own songs to complement everyday activities.  Here we go a-strolling, a-strolling, a-strolling, etc.  You may be surprised.  She might just sing back.  Some babies will try to match pitch pretty early on and will even “fill in the blanks” if you leave out a note!

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