Who’s Making All That Noise?

Don’t you love all those silly sounds our babies make?  I remember when my boys were tiny how my heart leapt at each first coo and gurgle and laugh!  We did whatever we could to elicit laughter from those sweet little babies.  I even remember how my heart would swell at those tiny baby sighs in their sleep.  Then we moved to first words and delight over their sweet lisps and mispronunciations.  In fact, I think I will cry the day my 3 year old loses the last of his babytalk.

Learning language is such a beautiful and fascinating process, and there are so many fun things you can do to help with this area of development.  In many respects help is simply a matter of exposure to lots of songs, stories, and conversation, and just by singing to, talking with, and reading stories to your baby you are affecting a whole host of other areas of development including:  listening, facial interaction, symbolic play, means to end behavior, object permanence, imitation, and vocal chord development.  One particular activity – Vocal Play, as in “Who’s Making All That Noise?” from our current class for babies, can aid in Baby’s language acquisition.

In fact, vocal play is something many parents do all the time without realizing it.  Simply speak to your baby, making sure to leave a pause in the “conversation” for her to speak back.  Watch carefully for wiggles, smiles, or mouth motions indicating her side of the story.  As babies get older certain words, phrases, or nonsense sounds will especially catch their interest and make for a perfect vocal play game.  I remember how the word “mango” of all things used to bring peals of laughter at our house, though I am glad there is no video of my shenanigans as I spoke it high, fast, and super silly over and over and over.

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