Feathers Poem

Here’s a sweet poem about birds fun for chanting with your baby or young toddler, and perfect for reading along with the feathers book for those sweet little ones in our Village classes right now:

By Ginger Covert Colla

Birdies, birdies now we see,
Won’t you, will you talk to me?
Humming bird, humming bird hovers and floats
While sipping some nectar from a flower’s throat.
Bluebird, bluebird now perchance
Chirping so merrily on the branch.
Kookaburra bird is big and bold
He laughs out loud so I am told.
Northern cardinal, oh so red,
He’s crowned with a topknot on his head.
The mallard duck likes to swim in the lake;
Quack, quack, quack is the sound he makes.
The wise old owl with golden eyes
Winks at me, oh what a surprise!
Ostrich, ostrich running free,
Won’t you share a feather with me?
Birdies, birdies fill the air
Flying here and flying there;
Winging their way all the day long,
Singing and sharing their gift of birdsong.

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