The Getting Dressed Hokey-Pokey

I don’t know about your house, but at our house, getting a little person dressed can often be a bit of a struggle.  That’s why I began to use “The Getting Dressed Hokey-Pokey.”  Here’s how it works.

Choose an article of clothing.  We’ll use a T-Shirt.  Now read and learn:

You sing, “You put your right arm in” (while putting right arm in the T-Shirt. Handy isn’t it.)
Pause as long as necessary to get the arm actually in.
Then sing, “You put your left arm in” (while putting left arm in the T-Shirt.)
Again, take as long as you need.
Then sing, “When you’ve got both arms in, you shake all about” (with a tickle or a jiggle)
Then “Do the Hokey-Pokey and you turn yourself about” (yes, Hokey, Pokey, and turn around)
Then clap your and/or your child’s hands as you sing “That’s What It’s All About!”

Of course, adapt as necessary for different moods, articles of clothing, situations, etc.

It definitely makes getting dressed more fun and before long, your little person might even sing or clap along.   Just another fun way to use music to make your day together easier!

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