Make Your Own Awesome Sensory Tubes

Rolling jingle bells.  Clinking, brightly colored buttons.  Soft tapping wooden rings.  Gently floating feathers.   And swishing, sparkly beads.  The babies were crazy for the sensory tubes I made and brought to class this last week.  Frankly, so was I.  So were my boys who fought over the tubes as I made them at our house.  My oldest is now begging for his own set.

And guess what?  You can make them, too, or at least a modified version.  Here’s what you need:

  • empty clear plastic water bottles or two-liter soda bottles
  • fun things to fill them with such as water with food coloring, plastic beads, dishwashing liquid, sand, small jingle bells, small strips of colorful paper, little feathers, or anything else that might make an interesting sight or sound

While we used these in class with the babies, older children will enjoy experimenting to find out which different materials make different sounds or even no sound at all.  You might enjoy filling water bottles with colored water and even a bit of dishwashing liquid.  If you let the bottles sit for a while the bubbles vanish, only to reappear when you shake them up again.   You might also experiment with the different sizes.  The water bottles work more like shakers, whereas a two-liter would be more like the tubes I made for class, with a greater length for rolling or floating items.   And when you’re all done, you can even share your favorites on Facebook or in the links on the blogpost itself for other families.  CAUTION:  Be sure to close the lid tightly and always supervise your child as she plays with the new toy just in case she figures out how to open it.

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