Kindermusik at the Doctor’s Office

I laughed this week as I read the home activities from our baby class, Busy Days.  One of the recommendations is something I’ve been doing since my oldest was an infant, Kindermusik at the Doctor’s office.  Yep, we’d sit there during well-baby visits as we waited in our assigned room moving and singing to favorite Kindermusik songs.  It’s a great way to pass the time, makes the experience much more pleasant for all involved, and can keep a moody baby in better spirits.  It works equally well in airports!

What should you try:

  • Lap Bounces (such as “Here We Go” or “Five Little Peas” from Busy Days)
  • Warm-Up Exercises (such as “Open Them, Shut Them” from Busy Days)
  • Tickles & Fingerplays (such as “On My Foot There is a Flea” from Creatures in My Backyard)
  • Peekaboo Games (such as “I See You” from Creatures in My Backyard)
  • Sometimes even the dances work, especially if they involve fun things like swinging up and down.

See, even the Doctor can be fun with a little Kindermusik!

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