Eat Worms

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This week in “Creatures in my Backyard” we’ll be talking about digging in the dirt (a fun activity for all young children, though it does mean more laundry typically). So, I thought I would send out a snack idea for kids of all ages building on our theme.

Worms & Dirt


  • 1 Package of chocolate instant pudding (previously prepared)
  • Gummy worms
  • Clear plastic cups or bowls
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs

Ahead of time prepare the pudding as directed. Layer graham cracker crumbs and pudding in the bowls or cups. Add a gummy worm or two. Many kids love the gooey nature of this snack both as they help make it and as they eat it. Plus, cooking together provides great experiences in terms of sensory exploration, learning math skills like counting and measuring, building sequencing skills, and most of all creating special memories in the kitchen.

A great location to look for more fun kids’ recipes for any occasion is, where this fabulous photo above came from. They make their yummy worm cups with oreos instead of graham crackers. Use what works for you.

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