Make Your Own Binoculars

We’ve been watching birds in our backyard both at our house and in the toddler and family Kindermusik summer camps.  You can enjoy your own “bird watching” at home as well by making your own binoculars!

You will need:

  • Two short cardboard tubes (toilet tissue tubes or paper towel tubes cut in half)
  • Art supplies (wrapping paper, paint, tissue  paper, markers, stickers, whatever you like)
  • Hole puncher
  • Strings, ribbon, or yarn

Glue or tape the two tubes together, side by side.  (If you want, you might wrap them beforehand with colorful paper.)  Then decorate.  Make a simple strap using the hole puncher and string.

Use your binoculars to play “I Spy” with your preschooler or go on a pretend or real hunt for birds or other creatures in your backyard!

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