Five Little Peas

Ready for some silliness with baby?  Here’s a little chant about things that grow, perfect for the start of the season for Farmer’s Markets and fresh veggies!

Five little peas in a pea pod pressed

One grew, two grew

And so did the rest

They grew and grew and did not stop

Until one day they all went POP!

Now, in class we added a fun lap bounce to this cute chant, moving up with knees, arms, bodies, legs, whatever for each “grew” and then tumbling down for “POP!”  However, here’s another really cute way to play with this rhyme with special thanks to Kindermusik Educator Christa Sigman for the great idea.

Tie two or three scarves together (or tea towels or other pieces of fabric) and hide them in a large ice cream container or coffee canister with a hole cut in the lid.  A shape sorter with the lid on also works well.  Pull one scarf through a hole in the lid, so it is just visible.  As you chant the poem gently pull out your scarves to make the “peas” grow.  At the last line, pull until the scarves “POP” out of the container.  Not only will your little one get a huge kick out of the game, but it’s great for building anticipation, a sense of cause and effect, object permanence, and even strengthening little hands and fingers.

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