More Than Just “Pretzels for Sale”: A Fun Twist

The last couple of weeks in class our preschoolers have been learning all about street vendors in the City.  We’ve been singing about, listening to, talking about, and playing games about pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, and more offered by our local street vendors.  This week add an extra special twist at home by bringing out the classic children’s book Caps for Sale. As you read about the peddler, go ahead and sing his refrain “Caps [for sale], caps for sale, fifty cents a cap!” (or “come and buy my caps”) to the tune of “Pretzels for Sale”.  It fits perfectly and will delight your preschooler, who might even decide to sing it herself.  And of course, be sure to have fun acting out all the motions of those silly, pesky monkeys!

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