A Fast and Easy Barnyard Craft

Here’s a quick and easy craft idea that matches nicely with our current themes in the Village and Our Time Classes. Use your own judgment as to how to best adapt the activity according to your child’s age and capabilities.

Make Your Own Milk Carton Barn


  • Milk Carton (or other cardboard food container like a cereal or cracker box)
  • Paint and Brushes
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors (for adult use)
  • Farm Animal Stickers (optional)
  • Animal Shaped Sponges or Cookie Cutters (optional)

Instructions for Toddlers and Preschoolers:
Cut the milk carton to make doors. Then help your child paint the milk carton barn. You might add a window and a roof with your paint or using construction paper. On a separate sheet of paper paint and cut out animals to go in the barn. Consider using animal stickers instead of paint or using animal shaped sponges or cookie cutters to make painting even easier. Sing “The Morning Song” as you paint or afterwards as you put the animals in the barn and take them back out again.

For Babies or Young Toddlers it might be even more fun to simply grab some farm animal stamps (U.S. Toy Company at 103rd and State Line Rd. has some great ones) and paint. Better yet, play with filling and emptying containers with your stamps as you sing, label, and make lots of great animal sounds!  For an especially fun fill and spill toy, I actually took an old ice cream tub (you could use any large container like a coffee can) and covered the outside with colored contact paper.  Then you can decorate it with animal stamps or stickers.  When you’re all done, fill it will the stamps.  Or you can save up Frozen OJ lids (which have smooth edges) and place an animal sticker on each one.  Cut a slit in the top of your containers’ lid, and you’ve made a super fun toy that also encourages practice with fine motor skills as you drop the decorated OJ lids into your container.  Metal coffee cans are especially fun as the metal on the lids makes a great clink when they land in your Farm Bucket.

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