Wipe-off Coloring Pages

In class this morning, we set out our brand new special coloring pages as the toddlers were gathering for class.  Since several of you commented on the pages, I thought I’d share how I put them together.  They are very simple and would be especially handy to have for travel.

First, print off some favorite coloring pages from some of your favorite websites such as…

this site for basic preschool coloring pageshttp://www.coloring.ws/coloring.html,

or some beautiful coloring pages from the children’s author Jan Bretthttp://www.janbrett.com/activities_pages_artwork.htm.

In fact, many children’s authors have fun coloring pages on their websites.  For example, for those of you who like The Gruffalo, I just found a gruffalo website with bunches of coloring pages and activities:  http://www.gruffalo.com/section.php?s=html/gamesandactivities.html.

And of course, lots of toy and/or media companies have coloring pages.  You can always look up your child’s favorite characters such as Thomas, SuperWhy, or Dora online to find printables.  Here to get you started are some fun coloring pages from Crayola as well as activity pages for older kids:  http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/.

There are tons of options.

Once you have your coloring pages selected, you’ll need some sheet protectors, a clipboard for each child, and a set of washable dry-erase markers.  Now, two important notes:  in terms of clipboards, I recommend getting the kind with round-edged clips, so they do not bite small fingers (or big ones for that matter), and in terms of markers, you’ll notice I said washable dry-erase markers.  I point this out because my niece managed to nearly ruin my sister’s couch with a regular dry-erase marker, which we quickly learned make for very tough stains.

Now that you have all your necessary “equipment” slide the coloring page of your choice into a sheet protector, fasten it to the clipboard, and color away.  When you’re all done, the coloring page can simply be wiped off with a tissue.  The kids this morning seemed to have so much fun with them I am now planning to make a set for our house.

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