Make Your Own “Morning Song” Puppets

by Tracey Aiena used via creative commons license on flickr

The “Morning Song,” in both our Village classes (for ages 0-18 months) and our Our Time classes (for ages 18 months – 3 years), has quickly become a favorite at our house, and I know many of the kids have loved the finger puppets we’ve been using each week as Pigs, Ducks, Dogs, and Cows sing good morning.  Here are two of my favorite ways to share this activity at home:

Make some puppets of your own. Try a sack puppet, a sock puppet, a glove puppet, or anything else you’d like. Need ideas? There are plenty of ideas, inspiration, and instructions at Puppetools and Family Fun: Puppet Pals.  And if you want to use a puppet to move up and down with the chant “Dickery Dickery Dare” you can find a cute paper bag piggie puppet here:

Feeling especially zany?  You can also try animal masks. We actually bought an inexpensive set from US Toy Company (on State Line and 103rd roughly) one year and spontaneously tried them on and started to sing this song.  Each child in my house took a turn choosing an animal mask to wear, as we sang the “Morning Song” pretending to be those animals.   For extra crafty points – make your own animal mask to sing about!

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