Out of the Doghouse

For those of you in Kindermusik Our Time, our class for toddlers, here are a couple tips for playing with your Fiddle-Dee-Dee “doghouse.”

  • Easy does it! – Those little doghouses can be tricky to keep closed.  At our house, we are opting to forgo using the handles to keep the box closed.  Instead, you might think of using tape, velcro, or some other adhesive strip to seal the box or help it stay closed.
  • Give Rover a Home – Have you noticed there’s a flap that can be opened and closed on the front as a doggie door?  Push that open, and voila!  Instead of a carrying box, you now have a home for your child’s favorite stuffed animal. You might even add a small plastic bowl or container for a “food or water dish” for Rover, a blanket to make him cozy, or anything else you and your child think of that a pet might need in his home.
  • Explore Concepts – With a new door, your box becomes a great way to play with concepts like “in,” “out,” “open,” and “closed” as well as providing a great prop for peek-a-boo games with a favorite toy.

Not in Our Time, consider trying some of these same ideas by creating a doghouse out of a small cardboard box for a stuffed animal or a large one your child can crawl inside.  If you want, you can even decorate Rover’s new house with stickers, markers, or construction paper.

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