Snowman Craft

by Steve Webster, used by Creative Commons license via flickr

As we near the end of our Hello, Weather unit for the preschoolers in Imagine That!, we’ve been ice skating, having snowball fights, and playing jingle bells.  Add to the fun at home by making your own snowman craft, which also happens to make a great holiday craft for toddlers or big kids.

Materials Needed:

  • a new white tube sock.   We recommend medium (boys’/ladies’ size 9-11), so it isn’t too long.
  • pillow stuffing
  • a few scraps

Now just follow these simple steps to make your own snowman:

  1. Turn your sock inside out.  Tie the sock with a piece of yarn and turn it right side out again.  The tied end is the bottom of the snowman.
  2. Put bits of stuffing into the sock until it is filled to the bottom of the ribbed cuff.
  3. Tie yarn around the sock just below the cuff.   Tie yarn in the middle, or in two places for a 3-snowball snowman.
  4. Fold the cuff down to form a hat.
  5. Draw on eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons using markers (you could glue on felt scraps too).
  6. Tie a scrap of blanket fleece at the neck for a scarf.

Enjoy dancing, singing, and playing with your snowman with your favorite Kindermusik songs.  (I’m a Jolly Snowman from the Hello, Weather Home CD is perfect for making up a little snowman dance!)

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