Quiet Time

Each week in our Village and Our Time classes we share a moment of “Quiet Time” or “Rocking Time” (or both) a time to teach the skill of relaxing to our kids. Yes, relaxing is a learned skill. Who knew? But are you really that surprised.

Think about it, our nation is horribly overworked. Frankly, we love to work, a little too much. People often brag about how many hours they put in on a project or simply how busy they are as if a prize will be awarded for the most productive. I myself struggle with counting productive days as good days and unproductive days as frustrating days. So, in such a place, what a gift to teach your child to cherish a moment of quiet, a moment of rest without requirement.

How do we do this?  We stop.  Listen to some beautiful music.   Take the world in.  Breathe deep.  Those moments are always the ones of greatest clarity for me, when I actually take the time to savor them.  I am so busy doing, I simply forget to be.  But when I remember to be still, to allow myself to stop, somehow it makes me more aware of the world.  Somehow it makes me more human.  Somehow it reminds me of what Life is, not what gets smushed in between the cracks of my dayplanner – but Life, love, grace, beauty, truth, hope, faith, community.

So, today, find a beautiful piece of music, a story, a great work of art, or a fabulous lake or fountain and share it with your child in quiet and stillness.  At the end, you’ll probably discover the two of you feel more connected and that you have more patience for dealing with those moments of fussing or tantrums.  Even better, you’ll be modeling for your child the importance of simply stopping and resting, and the value those moments of rest hold.

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