A Season for All the Senses

The Holidays are a great time to share multi-sensory exploration with infants, babies, and toddlers. Here are just a few ideas to get you on your way to building language and cognitive skills with your little ones while you share in some very special memories:

  • Enjoy the Sights: Take a walk or drive to see and talk about all the festive lights. Discuss colors and shapes. This is also a great opportunity to teach the American Sign Language for LIGHT if you’re trying to sign with your child.
  • Savor the Smells: Bake cookies or other Holiday treats, or just light some Holiday scented candles. Taste and smell are often overlooked senses that offer a lot in terms of stimulation and in creating those wonderful emotional connections that help us build lasting learning (and joyous memories). Just think of all the fabulous memories you have of baking cookies with friends or family.
  • Explore Textures. Stockings, ornaments, Christmas trees, snow, snuggly blankets, and presents (especially bows) all offers a wide variety of textures you can explore together. As you encourage your little one to feel different objects, talk about whether they are smooth or rough, hard or soft, bumpy or fuzzy. Many Holiday decorations also provide visual delight in the way of lights, colors, and sparkle.
  • And of course, Share the Sounds. Turn on your favorite Holiday music and dance. Carol as a family, with friends, or with a church or other community group.

Whatever you do, take time to share this special season together!

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