Pull and Pull and Pull Some More

Baby’s natural tendency is to explore, and by doing so, Baby learns about the physical qualities of objects.  Given ample opportunity, Baby will become a curious and eager explorer!  (Watch out kitchen cabinets, here she comes!)

That’s why in class this week we made our own pull toys.  There’s a nice variation on this you can do at home as well.  In fact, I’ve seen the Parents-as-Teachers educators use a similar activity.

Take several scarves or pieces of thin cloth and tie them together to make a long “tail.”  Prepare a shoe box by cutting a hole in the lid and taping the lid onto the box.  (Or for something even easier, use an empty wipes box or even a shape sorter with the lid taped closed.)  Stuff the scarf tail through the hole, leaving just the tip end hanging out.  Give Baby the end and encourage her or help her to pull it out of the box.  As it continues to come out of the box, talk to Baby about the experience (e.g. “here it comes!” “look how loooong it is,” “pull, pull, pull,” etc.).    This kind of exploration and discovery builds curiosity, encourages fine motor development, and increases language development.

You can even add some American Sign Language as you sign OUT while pulling the scarves out.  Sign MORE if your baby wants to try again and again, or even sign IN as you stuff the scarves in to start all over again.

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