We Love to Laugh!

It’s the sweetest sound to many a parent’s ears – the first laugh.  Here’s an idea of how it develops:

  • 4 Months – Baby’s first laugh may erupt around 4 months of age in response to a pleasant sensation or physical exhilaration.
  • 9 Months – Around 9 months of age, Baby begins to develop a sense of anticipation; therefore, he is ready to be surprised and tickled by the unexpected.
  • 12 Months – By 1 year of age, Baby may be ready to appreciate wordplay humor:  turn words around, reverse the meaning, etc.

Regardless of where your baby is in terms of developing a sense of humor, we know that laughter is good for him.  It increases circulation and raises the heart rate.  It can help relieve both stress and frustration.  Plus, laughter boosts the immune system.  Isn’t it amazing what a little laughter can do!

Ready to bring about peals of laughter from your little one?  Try these age-appropriate games this week.  For all ages try:

  • Kisses on the tummy
  • A swing in the air

For your 9-10 month old add:

  • Hiding behind a door and popping out with a smile

For a 1 year old add:

  • Putting socks on your hands and gloves on your feet
  • Calling Mommy “Daddy” and vice versa, changing words (e.g. “Time for a ‘huddle-cug’!” instead of “Time for a ‘cuddle-hug’!”)

Before you know it, you’ll probably be laughing , too.

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