Throw a Color Party!

More fun = more learning.  Because children do not separate feeling from thinking, acting, and socializing, play is the most effective learning mode available to them.  It’s true.  The more emotionally connected to an activity a child is, the better they learn.  In actuality, the same is true for adults.  And since one of the things toddlers and preschoolers are learning to do is recognize colors, here’s a fun “color party” to reinforce color naming and identification as well as experimenting with mixing colors (a great early science activity).

You will need:

  • your child (and perhaps some friends if you want to make this a playdate activity)
  • can(s) of shaving cream
  • food coloring
  • plastic bowls
  • construction paper or wax paper
  • water and towels
  • either a warm day to play outside or an indoor space you don’t mind getting a little messy

Squirt some shaving cream into the bowls.  Help the children mix food coloring into the cream.  For added fun, “paint” with your colored shaving cream on construction paper or wax paper.  When everyone’s had enough “painting” or mixing, rinse and dry hands with water and towels.  (Be sure everyone wears old play clothes for this party, or to make cleanup even easier, consider throwing your color party in the bathtub!)  And if you’d like to add a little music-making to the mix, sing “Scrub, Scrub, Scrub” from the Our Time class Milk & Cookies as you clean up, or add the song “Colors of the Rainbow” from the Imagine That! class Hello, Weather, Let’s Play Together! prior to cleanup as you draw shaving cream “rainbows” with the colors you made.

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