A Trip to the Stars

Or the Ocean.  Or Back in Time.  Take your pick.  A fun activity suggestion for all ages.

Materials Needed:
One blanket – and this is the key ingredient. I highly recommend a blanket (or sheet) with pictures of animals, fish, stars, dinosaurs, or the like. Another great alternative would be simply a dark blue blanket or sheet.

One flashlight

Cutouts of animal, fish, star, or dinosaur shapes (optional)


Crawl under the blanket with a child or two. Turn on your flashlight, and go on an adventure. For the littlest, let it be a moment for exploration and labeling. Describe the colors, shapes, animals, etc. Play with turning the light on and off.   Move it side to side, near and far.  For older children, you can make drawings or patterns with the light or use the blanket as a jumping off point for some great pretend play. Are you swimming under the ocean? Are you in a rocket ship? Did you take a trip to the zoo? What other sights and sounds might you encounter?  You could even sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “This Little Light of Mine” along as you explore your flashlight.

Add a little imagination and creativity, and you’re ready for lots of giggles and fun!

BONUS:  This is a fabulous activity for teaching a little one American Sign Language.  The sign LIGHT makes a great early sign, and playing with a flashlight can be a fun motivator to aid in the learning process.  Course, you may quickly find that your Baby is soon signing for MORE and MORE play with the light as well!

Inspired by an adventure at my house using the Home Activity from Village this week, when my oldest was a very little toddler. We used our trusty fish blanket from Aunt Misty’s Mom. (Thanks, Kate.) Oh, the giggles. Definitely a wiggle-worthy activity (which is how we rate things around here). Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Safety Note: Do not leave any child under the age of 3 alone with the flashlight unless it is approved for that use and age.

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