Music with Found Objects

Our Kindermusik for the Young Child students have been discussing where we hear music in our day to day lives and looking for interesting objects around the house that might make music or keep a steady beat.  In fact, there is a long tradition of making music with “found objects”.  Composers from the mid-20th century were heralded for making music out of unusual items such as automobile brake drums, dinner glasses, and sheets of aluminium.  Famous composer John Cage actually put nuts and bolts, rubber erasers, and other items inside of the piano to tranform it into a percussion ensemble.   And the ever fascinating Harry Partch built his own instruments out of objects like giant pyrex bowls or even brass artillery casings.   Of course my favorite though is UMKC’s very own composer, Paul Rudy, who I have personally been delighted to watch play a cactus.  (I must say, he genuinely creates exquisite music with said instrument).

So, when I think of the Young Child students searching around for things at home that might make music, and even the marvelous student who brought in a piece of plastic wrap as his sound making object, I know that we are opening their eyes and ears to the musical possibilities that surround them!  We are teaching them early to truly think creatively.

And it is creative thinking and ingenuity that not only leads to masterful new music but also fun like this:

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