I Got Rhythm!

“Wow!  Look at that kid moving to the beat.”  I see it in class all the time.  Babies LOVE rhythm.  You see them dancing, playing kitchen pots and pans, tapping toes, swaying to music, and on and on.  And although Baby may not be able to clap his hands independently for a year or more, he can, with your help, enjoy clapping actions, which often produces lots of smiles and giggles.  And then once babies get clapping figured out, there’s no stopping them.  Here’s how to get some clapping happening at your house:

Clap along with a familiar tune such as “Little Red Caboose” or the chant “The Train Climbs Up the Track.”  You may take Baby’s hands (or feet!) in your own and show him how to clap.  He may not open his hands flat until he is 9-12 months old, but he will feel the steady beat as you move his arms.  Older babies may want to help you clap your hands (which can turn silly very quickly).  Those young toddlers also love to clap hands with you whether placing his open palms face down on yours while you clap upward to him or even holding hands still and upright while you pat them.

Yay for clapping!

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