Fabulous Finds from the Library

Every so often I try to give you a list of some of my favorite books that fit nicely with our current class theme.  Right now in the Our Time class “Milk & Cookies”, we are talking a lot about tools, so here are some book ideas on that theme making sure to include plenty of hammers and saws:

Building a House by Byron Barton has long been a favorite at our house.  This simple book features favorite tools used in the construction of a house.  The simple words and images are perfect for the toddler set.  As you read along, you might also use this book as a great jumping off point for vocal play – making the sounds of the hammer, the saw, and other tools you find along the way.

I found Alphabet Under Construction in my recent hunt for good books highlighting the Alphabet for my 2 year old.  I was super excited since it’s by Denise Fleming, an illustrator I have long loved who’s also done two other favorites of mine, Barnyard Banter and Mama Cat Has Three Kittens.  She has such beautiful pictures, vibrant and colorful and typically includes a simple, sometimes repeated text appropriate to little ones.   True to form, the images in this book are fun as a little mouse “builds” his alphabet with glue, measuring stick, saw, nails, and even icing (no, not a tool, but what else are you going to use to build the letter “I”).  It also makes for a fun starting point for talking about letters.

I love Anne Rockwell and regularly bring in her books on planes or cars to share with families in class, so I was excited to learn she’d done one on tools.  She tends to create straightforward presentations of everyday topics, and The Toolbox fits right in as a book written in cooperation with her husband for their own son who loved his dad’s tools.  I’ll probably try to snag a copy from the library this week myself, but if you beat me to it, let me know how you like it.

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