Stop and Smell the Roses

We all know Baby learns through her senses.  In fact, all the senses are operational from birth.  They just need varied exposure to help Baby make sense of the world around her.  However, while we often give a lot of attention to senses like taste and sight and even touch, one sense we often forget about is the sense of smell.

So, here’s a special activity for you and Baby devoted to the idea of stimulating her sense of smell.  All you need is a washcloth and a variety of liquid scents.  You could try a little vanilla extract on a washcloth and pass it under her nose.  Perhaps you could try almond, lemon, and peppermint extracts.  Think about scented lotions you have or even perfumes baby might smell.  Or even think about how you might fill your home with interesting and stimulating scents for the week such as scented candles, fresh lavendar or basil, or even the lovely scent of fresh baking.  Of course, be careful not to let baby touch unsafe items (like open flames) or eat any of your scented goodies (unless they are edibles baby’s old enough to handle like cookies or soft fruit).  Above all, enjoy the moment together to stop and smell the roses.

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