Permission to Get Dirty

“Can you plant the cabbage seed?  Just like this, just like this…”  I don’t think I ever have actually planted cabbage seeds, but there was a time when I loved gardening.  In fact, I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I should get back into gardening because my two boys love digging in the dirt in our backyard, and gardening together is not only a mom-approved way to get dirty but can also help them learn about how things grow and how important the sun is to the growing process.  Here’s a great Kindermusik activity I may have to try to get us started:

Line a wheelbarrow with a plastic garbage bag.  Add some small rocks for drainage.  Fill the wheelbarrow with soil.  Plant small flowers in the soil.  (Pansies work well in the fall.)  As you plant, you can even sing “Can you plant the pansy today?  Just like this, just like this…”  Periodically through the day, let your child help you move the wheelbarrow so that it remains in the sun.  Watch the flower respond!

Even better, let us know how it goes:  add a comment, tell us in class, or even send us a photo!

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