Our First Day of Kindermusik for the Young Child

Yesterday was my oldest’s first “Kindermusik for the Young Child” class, and I must say, I almost cried I was so excited and proud.  I looked around the room and he and one other little girl from one of the very first Kindermusik classes I taught in Kansas City were there ready to start the exciting adventure of learning to read and write music.  It was a huge moment for me.

Even more exciting for me was watching how these students handled themselves.  Miss Whitney has a fabulous and fun group of 8 kiddos, almost all of whom have done at least one Kindermusik class, several of whom have been in Kindermusik for a long time.  It really showed.  Not only were they happy to see friends from previous semesters, but they were kind and courteous towards one another.  They clearly knew the Kindermusik rhythm and routine for class each week and settled down for the next phase of their time together.  Overall they listened carefully, shared ideas eagerly, and participated enthusiastically.  But the most exciting moment for me was what Miss Whitney shared after class.  She remarked what incredible musicians these guys already are and how impressed she was that they clearly were already familiar with quarter notes and eighth notes and easily jumped into reading new rhythm patterns on day one!  Now, I must say that two years ago we added more elementary graphic notation and basic rhythmic notation to the preschool class – “Imagine That!”, but it was so exciting to see that the information had really stuck with this group.

It’s amazing to think back a little more than four years ago to seeing some of these guys as babies in one of their first “Village” classes singing “Little Red Caboose” or shortly after that to seeing them join “Our Time” or “Imagine That!”.   How far we’ve come, and what an exciting journey we have ahead of us!

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