Kindermusik: What to Expect

The Kindermusik Philosophy

We’ve all had them:  the “what ifs.”  “What if she cries?”  “What if he won’t sit still?”  In fact, they are so common, there’s even a video about them.

The truth is:  Kids are kids, and they all respond differently.  Some even respond completely differently at home to the same activities they experience in class.

Some children are naturally hesitant and others are over-stimulated by a group

environment.  Some learn best by watching.  Others need to jump right in and try it out from the start.  Help your child find her best way to participate and feel free to adapt much of what we do in class or at home to suit your family’s personal interests and learning styles.

And what if…He runs.  She cries.  He just sits there.

Support him.  Perhaps she needs a brief moment in the hall to calm down.  Maybe an extra hug or some gentle redirection will do the trick.  And always set an example with your own active, enthusiastic participation.  Joyful involvement and a spirit of being fully present with your child in the moment is not only contagious, it helps build a spirit of cooperation with even the most tantrum-prone toddler.

Lastly, we ask for a little help from you.

Our young children are still learning how to interact in a group setting, so we need you to help us create a safe and enjoyable classroom.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Help remind your child as needed that running and throwing are not permitted in the classroom unless specified by the teacher during a particular activity.
  • Help keep distractions to a minimum by keeping toys, juice cups, and pacifiers out of sight during class.  Likewise, no food or drink is allowed in the classroom.
  • When you are in class with us, we will always allow you to take the lead in disciplining your child.  You can help us by catching inappropriate classroom behavior early.

Rest assured, there really is no right or wrong way to do Kindermusik.  We won’t kick you out if she cries or he runs.  In fact, most of the parents in the room will have been in your shoes at one time or another.  Nor are there any awards for most participation.  So relax.  Take a deep breath.  And savor the moment you have together.

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