Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome Mat by alborzshawn (used by Creative Commons License on Flickr)

Hi, Friends and Happy Internet Wanderers,

I’d like to welcome you all to the brand new “Kindermusik with Joy” website. Since, you’re here, I’d like to highlight a few things you might find useful.

If you’re considering Kindermusik classes for your kiddo hopefully everything is pretty clear, but you can find class descriptions, info. on finding the best fit for your child, class schedules, maps and directions to our different locations, answers to the most frequent questions we get, and online registration for any of the classes. Don’t see something you need? Hit the “Contact Us” button and let us know.

If you’re a parent in one of our current classes, we’ve added two things to this site I always wished we could have on the other. First, we added a calendar. Now you can check our website to see when we’re on break, when your makeup class is scheduled, when the semester ends – any of those things that make calendars so handy. Second, I am now able to integrate our blog, our website, and our Facebook page fairly seemlessly. Yay! Hopefully that means I’m going to hand you fewer handouts and give you more information online. That also means our blog will start to have a lot more fun ideas for things you can do at home or around Kansas City with your kiddo, which handily will also feed directly to our Facebook page. AND I’m hoping to get to do some fun “show and tell” sorts of things from the classes, especially for our preschool and older classes where the parents don’t always get to see the cool things happening in the classroom.

So…I recommend you join us on Facebook or maybe even sign up for our RSS feed, so you can keep up with the what’s happening at Kindermusik with Joy.

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