Snack Shake Up

by Rex Roof (used by Creative Commons License via Flickr)

Here’s a fun snack this week for all our kids in “Confetti Days” and “Join the Parade”.  In fact, this silly snack could even make a musical treat as you shake it along with one of your favorite songs!  (By the way, this is one of Sam’s favorites ever since last year when he did “On the Road”.  He calls it “Trail Mix” and asks for such as snack at least 4 times a week.)

You will need for each child:

  • 1 Sandwich bag with zipper closure
  • 2-3 Spoonfuls each of cereal, pretzels, dried fruit, crackers, chocolate chips, etc.

Have each child hold her bag open while you spoon different ingredients into it. Zip the bag closed, and let the child shake the bag to mix everything together.  Eat the snack mix straight out of the bag.  Another way to organize this is to set up a row of bowls, each containing one of the snack mix ingredients. Let the children go down the row, spooning the ingredients into their bags.

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