Homemade Drums

by Steve Snodgrass (used with a Creative Commons license via Flickr)

Don’t you love this picture!  It’s a perfect example that “homemade drums” can be a lot of fun.  Since in both “Join the Parade” and “Confetti Days”, we’ve been talking about parades recently and spending some time exploring drums, here’s a fun activity for making your own drums at home.

You will need for each child:

  • An an empty oatmeal container, margarine tub, plastic container, cookie tin, or other container with a plastic top.
  • Construction paper
  • Clear tape
  • Two pencils
  • Decorations (markers, stickers, glitter, confetti, glue, etc.)
  • Scissors (to be used by adult or with adult supervision)

Wrap your containers in construction paper.  Trim long edges and tape the paper to the container. Ask your child to decorate their drum with
markers, stickers, glitter, confetti, etc.  Give each child two pencils to use as drumsticks.  Playalong with one of your favorite tracks from this summer.  Perhaps “Ritsch, Ratsch” or “Toembai” for “Confetti Days” or “March Music” or the “Quiet and Loud Symphony” for “Join the Parade.”

Or feel free to just grab pots and pans or a group of buckets and do some drum exploring.

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