Confetti Squiggles

by ADoseofShipBoy (used under Creative Commons License via Flickr)

Here’s a fun craft for those of you in “Confetti Days” or for someone looking for a simple craft for a preschool activity.


  • confetti, purchased or made, in a small cup
  • one piece of heavy construction paper or poster paper cut into approx. 10 in x 10 in.
  • one small bottle of glue


  1. Help your child squiggle her pointer finger all over the piece of paper.  Switch hands and do with the other pointer finger.  This is of course a practice run, and a great way to be silly as you learn about squiggles.
  2. Grab the glue.  Help your child squiggle glue all over the paper making a string-like texture with the glue.
  3. Help your child sprinkle confetti on top of the glue and shake off any excess onto the tablecloth.
  • Let your squiggle dry.
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