An Extra Special Fourth of July Parade

Red wagons and tricycles decorated with streamers, balloons, and flags.  Babes in arms, the family dog, and a host of sweet and sticky snacks at the end.  These are the makings of my favorite kind of Fourth of July Parade.  And since one of our summer classes is all about parades, and Fourth of July is just around the corner, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for creating your own special parade.

  • Look around the house for instruments for your very own Marching Band.  Maybe you have Kindermusik instruments you haven’t pulled out in a while, or perhaps you could make your own drum out of a plastic containers or empty coffee can.  Empty paper towel rolls make great “trumpets”, and of course, pots and pans are great percussion instruments, too.  Gather a group of kids – brothers, sister, neighbors, and friends, and have a little parade around your house or your neighborhood.
  • Decorate.  Maybe you need a Band Leader with a baton, which again can be made out of a paper towel roll decorated with colors, stickers, and ribbon.  Add “floats” in the form of wagons, tricycles, and bicycles.   Those not carrying instruments can carry flags to wave.  Perhaps you even need a group of clowns with facepaint, silly clothes, and shoes that are too big.
  • Enjoy Fourth of July Treats at the end. Whether it’s something healthy, something cool to drink, or a sweet treat, parades are always more fun when there’s fun food to share.  My favorite place to look for great kids’ snacks (and birthday cakes for that matter) is Family Fun.  Here’s their page full of Fourth of July snack ideas.

All this sound too complicated?  Check around to see if your local neighborhood is hosting a parade to participate in or even just go watch.

Happy Fourth!

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