3 Games that Help Baby Feel Loved

One of the most delightful sounds in the world is the squeal of laughter from a little baby.  Though my youngest is getting toddler aged, I still find there are moments I make an absolute fool of myself in an effort to elicit just a few minutes of that sweet sound.  You get lost in the moment as you listen to the giggles and carry on with your antics.  Email, cell phones, and grocery lists seem to disappear.  It’s a little like being in love, and it communicates your deep deep love to your little one like very little else does.

Educational Psychologist and Early Childhood Expert, Dr. Becky Bailey tells us that four simple things are needed in a moment to communicate deep love and build bonding with your child:

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Eye Contact
  3. A Playful Interaction and
  4. Being Fully Present in the Moment.

It’s moments like this that build emotional security, decrease emotional upset or tantrums, and increase cooperation as children get older.  In fact, Bailey believes these interactions are so important to development that she’s written a whole book about them called I Love You Rituals.

Truth is, you already probably know a few games to play with your Baby or young toddler that setup these very moments.  Just add a few to your day-to-day life as a special way to say “I Love You!”  Here are three to get you started:


Whether you play with a scarf or just your hands, peekaboo is always a favorite game for babies.  They delight in the surprise as they begin to develop a sense of anticipation.  To add an element of touch, hold Baby’s hands and help him to hide behind them, put your hands on his face to hide behind, or even just give a big snuggle after being “found”.

This Little Piggy

Playing piggies gives a lot of touch feedback to our very sensitive feet, an area for stimulation that sometimes goes overlooked.  Toe tickles like this one can easily translate into finger tickles or even whole body tickles and can quickly turn diaper changes, getting dressed, and even long car rides into moments of play rather than moments of struggle.  How wonderful to turn something that’s just a part of the daily routine or something that can become tedious into something that builds connection between you and your little one with just a quick little game!

Lap Bounces

Whether you’re chanting a nursery rhyme such as “Dance to Your Daddy” or singing a song like “I See You” or “Seesaw” from your Kindermusik class this summer,  bounces stimulate the vestibular system, something that’s not only good for your Baby’s development of balance and auditory processing but also seems to bring a lot of smiles and giggles.  Though in class we often turn the babies to face one another to aid in social awareness and development, at home you’ll foster closeness between you if you’ll turn baby to face you and give her lots of eye contact she bounces up and down or side-to-side.

I know I always say to my hubby that I hope my kiddos have some inkling of how very much I love them.  These three little games help send that message loud and clear.

Be sure to join us for Kindermusik next Fall for even more ideas and activities to foster connection between you and your little one.  Classes are filling quickly.  Enroll today.

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