Two Fun Finds for Moms

All moms know the frustration of trying to entertain a very young child while standing in line at the grocery store or waiting at the doctor’s office. Here are two clever things I have run across in the last weeks that propose fun, witty solutions to this dilemma:

  • The Momergency Kit – My sister-in-law found this clever bag of tricks with everything you need for boo-boos, messes, and even keeping a kid entertained in a pinch.
  • Mama’s Little Book of Tricks – A hilarious little guidebook full of fun activities and useful knowledge perfect for the long wait for the food to arrive at your favorite restaurant or never-ending plane rides when your child won’t nap.

Chronicle Books who published the later is full of all kinds of fun and funny books for moms in general and new parents in particular, including the New Parent Apology Cards, which I am going to have to purchase soon for a few of the moms-to-be I know. They definitely provide the laugh you need when you are desperately sleep deprived.


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