The Pleasure of Paper

Paper hides a wealth of potential for children. The sensory stimulation of folding, tearing, crinkling, touching, and eating paper are an utter delight, not to mention the endless possibilities of color and pattern. Even for adults paper can have a mysterious draw. How many scrapbooking or cardmaking moms do you know who drool over the paper possibilities in their favorite stores?

Paper creations such as this beautiful papertoy from Eloisa López, highlighted on remind me of the endless hours I used to enjoy playing paper dolls or creating collages from old magazines and other things I would find.

Sometimes the simplest things truly are the best. Consider the possibility of exploring paper in your play at home this week. Look through your craft scraps or magazines or make a quick trip to the store. Armed with a paper stash, some writing/drawing utensils, and a few questions for inspiring your kids, lead the way.

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