Save on Expensive Toys, Buy a Paintbrush

Truly, who needs expensive toys when there are paintbrushes in the world. Something as simple as a paintbrush, all by itself or even with a little paint, can fill an afternoon with laughter and delight.

Here are a few atypical paintbrush play ideas (no paint necessary):

  • For Infants and Young Toddlers create a fun sensory experience as you enjoy a paintbrush tickle session. Find a clean, soft paintbrush or two. Play with different ways to “paint” your child as you gently stroke or tickle her with the brush. Try polka dots, swirls, or fluttering motions.
  • For Toddlers make your tickle session about body exploration. Label eyes, ears, and nose as you gently “paint” them. Give your child a chance to be the painter, helping him to gently brush your cheeks or toes.
  • For Preschoolers add more pretend play to the mix. Imagine what colors you could paint each other or pretend to paint the wall, floor, or furniture. “Mommy, I’m painting green polka dots on you!”
  • On warmer days, painting with water can add a little twist to the game.
  • Benefits Along the Way – sensory stimulation, bonding, language development, fine motor practice, pretend play, and cognitive development
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