Pretty as a Picture: Kids Toys by Storybook Artists

Do you remember your favorite picture book growing up? Sitting in the warm sun on a cold day, curled up with your mom or dad reading Where the Wild Things Are? or The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Well, I have fallen in love with a toy company that aims to create beautifully crafted toys reminiscent of those memories for me. Each of their products from games and puzzles, to stacking cubes and wall art, is designed using the artwork of storybook illustrators. It’s beautiful stuff.

We use a set of their stacking/nesting blocks in the Sign & Sing class, and I simply adore them. One of the things I love best is that playing with them feels like reading a good book and reminds me that engaging children in storytelling and reading is not limited to words on a page but includes puppets, pretend play, magnets, puzzles, and anything else you can think of to build language through story.

See for yourself at the eeBoo website. You can also find eeBoo for sale in town at Wonderscope.

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