Meet Flat Stanley

He looks rather unremarkable, but this guy to the left here is a world traveler. He started out as the creation of Jeff Brown and Scott Nash.
A simple storybook character who grew to be the inspiration for an amazing pen pal project – The Official Flat Stanley Project.

School-aged children around the world create their own Flat Stanleys (or Flat Marthas or Flat Freds). You see, as the project clearly states, “one of the advantages of being flat is that Flat Stanley can visit his friends by travelling in an envelope.” And that’s precisely what he does. Flat Stanley goes to visit another child or group of children somewhere else in the world where they take him on adventures and make a journal record of his visit. Then, Mr. Stanley and his journal (often along with pictures, stories, and souvenirs) are shipped back to his creators.

He’s become quiet famous, too. Some of Flat Stanley’s adventures include a trip to the Academy Awards with Clint Eastwood, a cameo on The West Wing, a chat with President George W. Bush, and a moment of glory with the Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy. And coming in September 2007, is the opening of his very own musical.

It’s a great way to learn about mail and other parts of the world, and not just for classes at school. Many preschoolers and young children are fascinated by mail. Why not find a relative or a friend who lives in another state or another country who might like to take Flat Stanley on some adventures? You can visit for ideas and inspiration as well as the template above which can be simply cut out and decorated as you see fit.

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