Making Memories

Yesterday I read that the three biggest experiences which build lasting family memories are family meals, being outdoors together, and family vacations. Isn’t that fascinating? And I completely believe it. As I thought back on my own fondest memories from my growing up years, almost all of them fell into one of those categories.

The author went on to cite her own efforts to expand her family’s outdoor experiences together and remarked how much happier her 3 kids were outdoors and how much better they all got along as a result of some good ole’ fresh air.

That got me thinking about how I want to create memories for Sam, and I was immediately struck that I want the outdoors to be a much greater part of our lives. It’s funny to be saying that mid-summer, but I realize how quickly our time is diminished with computers, tv, errand-running, and the like. There needs to be more time spent walking, swimming, and playing in the sand! (For me, as much as for him.)

So yesterday we went to the playground and ended up on a spontaneous nature walk. We crunched leaves, picked up pebbles, petted soft moss, and watched and listened to some boisterous blue jays. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I want more days together like that. Even if it doesn’t create lasting memories for him, it certainly forces me to stop and celebrate our time together.

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