Loving Discipline

As some of you know, I was at the International Kindermusik Convention last week, which I must say truthfully shifted my perspectives and taught me in ways I could not have imagined.

By far, for me the highlight of the event was a four hour workshop with Dr. Becky Bailey, award-winning author and recognized expert in education and developmental psychology. Perhaps best known for her work educating teachers and parents on discipline, Bailey provided us with some of the most startling, insightful suggestions for classroom management I have ever heard.

Her methods are simple, loving, and very effective. I must admit that Sam is now my new guinea pig for practicing some of her great ideas. It can be very handy at times to have 2-year-old who likes to throw tantrums when you’re practicing new classroom management skills.

You may hear me rave more in class these next few weeks, and you will probably even see a few of my new tricks. But in the meantime, I would highly recommend checking out Dr. Bailey’s books, since her methods are easily as practical for parents as they are for teachers, and she presents by far the best means for discipline I have ever seen. You’ll find that not only are you helping your child learn to behave, but you are teaching character development and a deep respect for self and others.

Here are my favorites for parents:

The Schubert Series of books for Children (best for preschoolers and up), which Dr. Bailey points out are not only fabulous books for kids but make great educational tools for parents wanting to know how to discipline their children as well. Just look to the teacher in the book for a model of how to interact with your child.

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline

I Love You Rituals

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