Kindermusik and Dance

Someone who knows has finally confirmed what I’ve suspected for a long time, Kindermusik helps children be better prepared for dance instruction, not just music instruction. Here’s the scoop from Heather Fortier, owner of the Performing Arts Center in Pawcatuck.

“As an owner of a dance/gymnastics/kindermusik center I strongly encourage parents to enroll in a Kindermusik class first. I have found that children who participate in Kindermusik, when they enter into a dance or gymnastics class have better listening skills, are more agile, advance faster, do better on balance beam and balancing skills. Dancers have much better musicality than those that just do dance. All around – happier teachers, happier kids, happier parents….. They will truly appreciate the students participating in Kindermusik first. Moms and Dads, of course your kid wants to climb, tumble and jump; and that is so important for their growing, exploring bodies. Know what your kids need too, Kindermusik. Kindermusik explores concepts to help with musicality-understanding rhythms (important for floor work), it stimulates their vestibular system (which helps with the bars), it helps with their sense of balance( which is beneficial for beam), and it helps their spatial awareness skills (which helps with vaulting). All around Kindermusik is the building block for future thinkers, movers and doers. Enroll in a class and see the growth before your eyes…oh yeah, you’ll have fun too!”

Now both our locations offer the opportunity for your child to enroll in Kindermusik and naturally graduate to dance or music lessons. It’s a great combination.

Thanks to Kindermusik of Holland for sharing this wonderful quote.

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