Hip Shirts for Baby

I have started watching for them – the T-Shirts. You see, there is this adorable boy in my Village class on Mondays who is always so brilliantly dressed. At first the shirts were interesting but not too surprising, an AC/DC onesie or a similar Rock themed shirt. Then a few weeks ago, the “Future Activist” appeared, and today, this little guy was adorned in a shirt proclaiming, “I Already Know More Than the President.”

Now, regardless of how you actually feel about presidents, you really can’t help but giggle or really even gufaw when you see an infant dressed in such attire. It has become quite a topic of conversation for our class, and I feel certain that I am not the only one who waits each week to see what new shirt might appear.

So, today I had to ask where such fabulous shirts are found. The answer – babywit.com – the hip local for alternative baby wear. Like Coltrane, Johnny Cash, or John Stewart? Want your kid to sport original art? Or how about a shirt that says “Made from Recycled Genetic Material”? They’ve got shirts for you (or at least for your kid.) Hope you enjoy!

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