Conning Your Kid?

So, here’s another book I’ve been dying to recommend, but truthfully, I could not remember the title in order to look it up. I ran across it in this darling gift shop in Manhattan, Kansas one weekend in June and am determined to buy my own copy.

How to Con Your Kid is another in the growing line of cleverly written parenting books that remind us all to laugh at life with kids and delivers sage parenting advice with a good dose of wit.
Designed largely to help parents with many of the struggles of uncompliant toddlers (and I would say preschoolers), this book uses a lot of the best techniques from early childhood educators and experts but makes it the most fun I’ve ever seen. The author stands ready to arm you with an ansenal of great “cons” but promises that for those few instances when all else fails, he’s still included two pages of stickers at the back of the book for bribes.

Check it out.

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