A New Study Says Whitney Houston Was Right

The children are our future, and teaching them well changes everything according to a new EPI book, by Robert G. Lynch. Accordingly to Lynch, funding high-quality early childhood education programs (like Kindermusik) deeply impacts all levels of our society including economy and crime. In essence, he finds that were the government to invest in such quality programming, nationwide, the cost of remedial and special education, criminal justice, and child welfare would be lowered while boosting our general economy. Not only does such programming benefit society at large, but it inevitably pays for itself!

At the same time another study by NIEER points out that quality early childhood education has additional overlooked benefits, such as fostering positive attitudes towards school, building a understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and creating better parents.

Around the world, programs like Kindermusik are making a difference in the lives of families from many backgrounds because we believe investing in children changes the world.

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